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Features of MOVE X

Feature 1

24-inch fat tires and large body

MOVE X is designed for use in every situation, from everyday urban life to weekend adventures. 24-inch fat tires enable smooth driving even on cobblestones and dirt roads. The large body provides stability and reliability. It also combines design and functionality, making it a comfortable companion for commuting in city centers, weekend adventures in the countryside, and fun cycling companions with friends and family.

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Feature 2

Powerful and strong running

MOVE X is a machine that lets you experience powerful and energetic driving. The sense of speed that cuts through the wind, the acceleration that allows you to easily run up hills, and the power that is monster class. The feeling of running into an unknown land, with the hustle and bustle of the city behind you. Its strength tickles your sense of adventure and stimulates your desire to explore unknown places. Go on a journey to explore new worlds, new scenery, and new experiences with MOVE X.

Feature 3


The appeal of MOVE X is also its folding feature. This bicycle transforms into a compact form in an instant, making it ideal for carrying around in tight urban spaces or on the move. MOVE X will be your best companion when traveling by car.
MOVE This folding magic will make your future city life more free and fun.

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Functions list

5 stage assist

5-stage assist lets you experience the city landscape at a new pace. A smart monitor that is one step ahead of the curve provides optimal support to match your driving style. A journey where you can feel the freedom of running through the city and the pleasant breeze.

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